History of Instagram and how it got the biggest number of followings?

Well, to start off, Instagram has a really interesting history. Instagram came from a pizza.

Believe it or not, there was once a time that someone made a delicious pizza and wanted to share its photo with friends and family, well the whole world actually. But didn’t know where to do that. And then Kevin systrom and Mike Krieger came with the idea of Instagram which means “instant photo” and “telegram”.

Well well, Instagram has more followers than any of the other social media application. We cannot have debate on that, right! And before you put out an argument against it, just think what is that one application that you enjoy the most or what is that one social media app that you think has the most fun features to connect with others? And the answer will automatically pop out of your head. INSTAGRAM!!!! And if you still don’t believe it, go to your social mediums and see it for yourself that how much time you spend on each one of them.

Meanwhile, we bring you the REASONS of why Instagram has the most abundant number of followers out of all the social media applications.

  1. The Feed

Instagram feed is the coolest of them all. Want to know why. Well there are several reasons.

First: it is easily accessible

Second: anyone will be able to understand it in the first go

Third: it’s pictures. The feed itself is pictures from the people you follow. And let’s be real, it is way more fun to look at photos than something written.

Isn’t these features make Instagram the best social app for every person.

  1. Uploading a story

Another feature that makes the most fun to use is the stories that you can upload on it. We know, we know that there are other apps too who do the same but they don’t have all the other cool features with them. On Instagram you don’t just upload a story, you can also post about it and keep on your wall permanently.

Instagram has made uploading a story so much fun with the filters added in it. It also has enhanced the socializing feature by being able to put up the questions that we want to ask the mass that follows us. By creating a question on your story after you buy cheap Instagram followers online, you can ask your followers about the type of photos that they want to see or if you’re a singer than what song do they want next to listen in your voice. Or you can just ask a personal question to have a second opinion. How cool is that!

  1. Extra cool features for socializing with others

So now that we are done with main features of Instagram lets come to the small but equally cooler features.

Instagram lets you like save or comment on a picture in a very cute way. Of you like a photo, you heart it. And who knows, that heart might start a spark between two people.


Now, that you have read so many cool things about Instagram, you have to believe that indeed it deserves all the followers that it has.