How Instagram Outranked Amazon’s Spark?

Instagram, which is a two-year-old competitor of Amazon, has outranked Amazon’s Spark. In the year 2017, Amazon set up itself on Instagram for the Instagram followers. It was done with a hope to get benefits through social app as nowadays shopping on Instagram has become a new trend and Instagram followers love it. They fed their Instagram with shoppable stories of photos and videos mainly aimed for the prime members. But the experiment, Amazon spark, reached to its end. Nevertheless, the learning from Amazon’s spark tools known as Interesting Finds that they themselves discovered made them capable of being turned into a new socially inspired product i.e. #FoundItOnAmazon.

It would be fair to call Amazon spark as bland service. Amazon has quite dissimilarities with Instagram as Instagram is about following your friends or celebrities, interests, brands that you like or the people you find inspiring. Spark was totally centered into shopping or having sales. Spark lacked some of the appealing things that Instagram contained. They tried to imitate the aesthetics of Instagram with fashion, inspirational images or travelling photos but without friends and Instagram stories, it all felt transactional.

Amazon didn’t give any comments on the spark’s shutdown. Their service has completely vanished from the main website and the app. Other than their lack of originality and Instagram’s transactional nature, the app has grown so far as well as became more impressive and alarming competitor before spark was even launched.

Instagram introduced its shoppable world with different shopping features on its app. It enabled people to easily have access to products through photos. Another interesting thing is that in March, Instagram launched its own feature that contains checkout option so that the products inspiration can turn into literal conversions. For Amazon’s territory, it was quite a galactic move. All these successes made headlines to call Instagram as the new future of shopping. But it will not upset or destroy the Amazon’s general dominance in future.

Chee Chew, the main stakeholder of Spark, departed for Twilio in the beginning of the year 2019. While being in Amazon, Chew gave his great investment for the success of Spark. It was said by the sources that huge efforts were put by the product managers so that they can win Chee’s favor. For instance, notifications section of Amazon had been changed so that updates of Spark could be included. There was a time when Spark was just swipe away from the navigation and now following its closure, Amazon’s navigation system had been simplified once again. It seems like a hamburger menu but clutter free. However, now Amazon’s notification segment doesn’t consist of Spark’s updates anymore. It just consists of information regarding shipments and orders. It is heard that in initial 24 hours, only 10,000 customers of Amazon used it. And with the departure of Chew, Spark lost itself in the race.