How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud through blogging and guest posting

When you choose music as a profession then you also want to become popular for sure. Publicity is the best way to become popular among people who love music. Sharing your music craft with your fans and potential fans is a great way to get noticed by thousands of people. You like your music but it is more important that people also like it. Showcase your music skills to the whole world is just a primary part. The way you promote your music and increase followers and get SoundCloud plays without buying SoundCloud plays is important. In this post, you will learn how to get more plays on SoundCloud through blogging and guest posting. Let’s get into it!

Guest Post to Other Sites:

If you are going to exposing your music through Google then guest posting is the best way to achieve your goals. Guest posting is the technique of link building that helps you to create authority in whatever you do over the web. It is very simple just like blogging. But how do you create the backlinks?

•          Guest posting creates backlinks that trace back to your website and other activities you do online.

•          It increases visibility by tapping into the music forum, other websites or blogs.

•          It allows you to create values for your music that can relate to your fans on SoundCloud.

•          Moreover, it enhances the odds to connect with other musicians and artists in the music industry.

•          Do you want to get started with it? If yes then follow these steps:

•          Do some in-depth research and contact with authoritative websites that are working on the music niche.

•          You can also write a blog for them. Try to write 2000 to 2500 words articles. It should be informative, interesting and engaging.

•          Ask them to include the link of your blog or your own SoundCloud new release that help you to gain more followers and plays with buying SoundCloud plays.

Get More SoundCloud Plays Through Blogging:

Most of the artists neglect to blog when it comes to promoting their own music across the web. However, this task seems boring but it is actually highly effective. The good thing is that you don’t have to post on your blog about your music craft. All you need to refer to your music very often and add links of your SoundCloud soundtracks, profile and album pages. Also, embed your music videos into your blog or add their links into it. Try to cover these topics:

•          How to get started in the music industry

•          Music genres and music culture

•          Music genre reviews especially similar to yours

•          How to use music platforms to promote music

•          Biographies of big artists and musicians

Furthermore, if you want to get success on SoundCloud then do it on a regular basis. When you consistently promote your music through guest posting and blogging then you can get your desired results. Also, buy SoundCloud plays to give an extra push to this success.