Ways to get rid of fruit flies

You must be the one loving the seasonal fruits but before you can even enjoy your amazingly yummy fruits, pesky fruit flies reach them before you and share your joy. They can easily make a, to your kitchen.

Following mentioned are some of the ways which you can try to kill these fruit flies out which most are DIY.

  • Make a do it yourself trap with the help of the apple vinegar and a plastic wrap.
  • Use an old fruit, a paper cone, and some vinegar.
  • Combine some dish soap and some vinegar in a bowl.
  • Put some old bear or vine.

Following mentioned is the detail of some protective measures and steps for you to follow to cut of flies from the food. Moreover, you can stop them from entering your house too.

  • Don’t store overripe foods
  • Store vegetables and fruits inside the fridge
  • Wash the fruits when you get them home immediately because their may be some larva or germs growing on them.
  • Throw out the garbage on a daily basis.
  • Cleanup the spills sooner especially alcohol or fruit juices.

You can try these diy methods at home and get rid of fruit flies.

  1. Plastic Wrap and Apple vinegar

Pour some amount of vinegar in a glass or it will also work in a bottle even if it is in less quantity. Cover the top of the bottle or glass with a plastic wrap and secure the wrap with help of a rubber band. Once its wrapped, make tiny holes into it so that the flies may get entered. The fruit flies cannot risist the smell of vinegar and once they are inside the bottle, they’ll not exit.

  1. An old fruit, a paper cone and vinegar

Place a chunk of old ripe fruit in a jar and add some vinegar too. Roll some paper making a cone of it and stick that cone to jar. Place cone’s narrow end down.

  1. Dish soap and vinegar

If all your traps fell fail, you then need to try this method. Take a bowl of vinegar, add three drops of dish soap into it. Leave the bowl uncovered. Flies will get into the bowl and sink down.

  1. Old beer or wine

Vinegar and wine both have the appealing scents for fruit flies. Keep a beer bottle opened up which has some leftover in it. The flies will get entered into the bottle and this will become a trap for them. According to some old traditions, you can also use a DIY trap for fireflies using old beer or wine. This method has the most chances of success.

  1. FLypunch

This is one of the best used methods to get rid of the fruit flies. This is one of the lab experimented method. This product guarantees to help you getting rid of the fruitflies. Aunt Fannie flypunch is one of the best working product for fruit flies. This product is much more effective than any DIY method.